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We do not promise anything that we can not keep. When we guarantee before the treatment that we can remove your tattoo completely, well then we keep our word!

We have more than 40 daily treatments and are proud to help our clients remove unwanted tattoos completely.


When we assess your tattoo before starting the treatment, we give an estimate of how many treatments are required before your tattoo is completely gone. Usually 6-12 treatments are required for a perfect result.

We really recommend that you take a good look around before choosing which clinic to remove your tattoo. As the only clinic on Zealand, we have just received the latest technology in the industry.


Without our brand new Lutronic Picoplus laser system , we probably would not be able to guarantee you a perfect tattoo removal .

We often get (unfortunately) customers who have previously tried at other clinics, without a successful result! This is most often due to the fact that it is a technologically obsolete laser system that has been used during these treatments.

remove tattoos

One of the most common questions we encounter in the clinic is whether removing tattoos gives scars to the skin?

Here is Natasha’s finished result (required 6 treatments in total), which is a good example of what a full removal looks like. A treatment like this leaves the skin without scars or any other form of trauma.

Usually, the skin, up to a week after a laser treatment, will be red, swollen, itchy and irritated. If other side effects are experienced, proper treatment and advice from the clinic will be enough to create the perfect result.

Do you have other questions about how we can remove your tattoo? Find answers in our FAQ here.

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